3gforensics, develop and supply solutions as a service to law enforcement, forensic and intelligence communities around the world.

3gforensics supplies an extensive range of ready made tools and services as well as producing bespoke solutions to meet the needs of it’s clients.

At our purpose built facility in Cambridgeshire we specialise in the design, development and production of electronic solutions and services used by leading law enforcement organisations. We also specialise in the recovery of data from damaged or "unviable" electronic devices.

Supplying the community through selected forensic partners our products and services combine to provide comprehensive and seamless forensic solutions.
o be made to the relevant authorities.

Damaged IC
 - data Recovery

Along with our development partners we have been working in the field of IC Data recovery since 1995

  • We can analyse any device
  • We have a proven track record
  • We offer a reliable & discrete service
  • We deliver, where others fail

Our services are used for Academic study, proof of copyright infringement, verification of origin and more. Typically we are requested to assist law enforcement in the following areas:

  • Recovery of data from damaged sim cards - Recovery of data from damaged sim cards - phone book, SMS & deleted SMS, location last used, etc.
  • Repair of chips damaged during removal - BGA, Lost balls, broken packaging etc
  • Repair of broken USB memory - Data recovered from burned, crushed or broken USB memory sticks

IC DeCapsulation

The Process

Our Decapsulation processes use the latest techniques to decapsulate all types of plastic encapsulated parts in order to expose the die in today's integrated circuits (IC). This procedure is done so that analysis testing and probing can be carried out the IC after the decapsulation.

Decapsulation exposes the integrated circuit for ussually for the purpose of direct probe connection to the silicon die. Various techniques have been developed to achieve this, suitable methods are selected to be compatible with the particular packaging configuration in order to minimize complications from introduction of foreign matter or damage to the silicon device.

Some de-capsulation techniques are as basic as breaking a package open or heating to melt the encapsulant, these are NOT recommended.

Chemical removal of polymeric encapsulating material with acid, or mixtures of acids and solvents, is a very common method that gives good results if carried out correctly. However the acids involved are used in a concentrated form and significant health and safety issues are associated with this methodology.

We favour the use of a proprietary mix of organic solvents, formulated to breakdown the molecular bonds within the encapsulant without damage to the die or bond wires, resulting in a very clean die, with reduced health and safety issues and a non aggressive action on the exposed die and bond wires.

Once the die is electrically accessible via any of the aforementioned methods, micro positioners can be utilised to attach probes to the bond wires or bond pads to provide a low impedance connection to the silicon chip.

Example DeCapsulation 


3gforensics provides manufacturer training with all of it’s products. Working with a professional trainer who is conversant with our products and services, we offer training to meet the requirements of any user.

Courses can address users requiring an overview of the product functionality, through to comprehensive hands on and highly technical detailed immersion training if required.

Current Courses:

  • Damaged SIM Card Data Recovery - 3days
  • Cell Site data gathering with CSurv - 1/2 day
  • CSurv Operation - 1/2 Day
  • WiFi Packet capture with AirPCap - 1 Day
  • SIM Card data recovery with SIMIS - 1/2 Day
  • Big Data Analysis with macQuery - 1 Day
  • MagGrabber Configuration and Deployment - 1 Day
  • Analysis and presentation of Cell Site data - 2 Days
  • Analysis and presentation of WiFi data - 1 Day
  • Analysis and presentation SIM card data - 1 Day

Our training courses:

Are competitively priced and offer excellent value for money. They are user-oriented with real life scenarios, thus allowing the user to practically apply the skills being taught.
All of our training courses can be specifically tailored to meet a client’s needs including 1 to 1 training, if required.

Cell Site Survey

CSurv - the professionals choice

Using industry standard techniques and fully qualified professionals, 3gforensics can perform Cell Site surveys providing Survey Data in standard CSV format for serving cells and surrounding cells on all available networks and technologies. (mobile networks and WiFi).

Since 2006 3gforensics has worked with UK Law Enforcement to produce a bespoke cell site survey solution. 3gforensics manufactures and supplies all UK police forces with the equipment used for their cell site surveys. 3gforensics uses ex home office and police experts to perform surveys using the same equipment. Surveys are carried out by College of Policing trained personnel.

Product Design

smart electronic solutions

Initially designing forensic solutions at the request of the Law Enforcement community, we have developed a range of in-house capabilities which simplify and speed up the process of turning an idea into a fully working, field proven, market-ready product.

3gforensics has enjoyed sustained growth since it’s inception and has become a leading niche provider of specialist tools to law enforcement and forensic specialists.

Our product heritage begins in 1997, 3gforensics is now established as the leading provider of data recovery tools relating to damaged silicon devices, smart card data recovery and off air data collection from 2g/3g/4g and WiFi networks.

At our purpose built facility in Cambridgeshire we specialise in the design, development and production of electronic solutions and services used by leading law enforcement organisations.
We manufacture complete electronic products using surface mount and conventional component technologies, we handle full product testing, packaging and shipping. All of our our hi-tech work is managed in accordance with our ISO-9001:2008 product management system.

3gforensics, has a proven record of taking our clients concepts, from the idea stage through to production and deployment, supported by training and maintenance.

3gforensics supply bespoke design services to law enforcement and forensic service providers. Specialising in Smart Card technology, GSM, GPS and embedded microcontroller application development. Our purpose built facilities in Cambridge, England. Facilitate design and build of prototypes and final assembly of finished items, in house. Including design and manufacture of printed circuit boards and automated assembly. 3gforensics capabilities extend to custom IC design and engineering to Silicon level.


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